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York Region Traffic Tickets

We Fight Traffic Tickets! Get the experience of a former prosecutor on your side to fight your traffic in York Region, GTA, Durham Region and surround areas.

SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Ticket professionals are dedicated to working for you to fight your traffic ticket. Our team is comprised of industry professionals that know how to effectively fight any ticket in court. Our strong focus on customer service and strict adherence to the rules and regulations of the Law Society of Upper Canada put us ahead of our competition. Our paralegal services team has a collective strong background with experience in court proceedings, intelligence and a motivation to win all cases. If you need a paralegal in York Region, GTA, Durham Region or the surrounding area there simply is no better choice then SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets Team!

Paralegal Services

Our paralegal service areas include York Region, GTA, Durham Region and surrounding areas

If you need the paralegal with the intelligence and experience in winning court battles then SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets professionals is here to help. We’re licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. We offer a friendly and professional atmosphere and appointment times at your convenience.

Requesting an initial consultation with SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets is absolutely free. During this time we’ll review the charges against you and answer any questions that you may. We’ll also outline the process and/or proceedings of what to expect and how we’ll effectively challenge your charges in court.

Get A Former Prosecutor On Your Side
Getting a traffic ticket can be a frustrating and sometimes humiliating experience. That’s why you need to experience and professionalism of a former prosecutor working for you. SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets has an advantage over other paralegal services operating in southern Ontario. With former prosecutor Peter Swales on your side you’ll receive the experience that other paralegal services simply can’t offer. Because we’ve worked for both the prosecution and defense we have an intimate knowledge of how the process works from both sides. Combined with the intelligent, confidence and diverse staff at SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets their simply isn’t a comparison to other paralegal services.

Speeding Ticket Defense

Fighting Speeding tickets is SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets more common offences. Depending on the circumstances and factors surrounding your speeding ticket charge you could potential lose demerit points. Insurance companies will also more then likely charge a much higher premium for your insurance rates. In far worse circumstances your license can be revoked altogether.

Stunt Driving and Street Racing Defense

New laws introduced in October of 2007 have made the penalties for stunt driving and racing much more severe. Charges laid at the scene may even result in licences being surrendered to the police and vehicles being impounded. A conviction can include penalties such as higher fines of up to $10,000, imprisonment and license suspension. Don’t risk going into court without talking to a paralegal. The experience and knowledge of a paralegal in defending your rights is critical for this charge.

Driving Under Suspension

You can be charged with driving while under suspension for any number of reasons including: having too many demerit points on your driving record, being convicted of a ticket that carries a licence suspension, unpaid fines and failure to respond to a ticket. Regardless of the reason why, ensuring that you have a proper defence team on your side can minimize the penalties if not removing them altogether.

Driving Without Insurance

Being convicted for driving without insurance can result in severe penalties. Section 3 of the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act requires anyone driving a vehicle to possess a valid insurance. Failure to Show Insurance and Driving Without Insurance are two different offenses with different penalties. If you’ve been charged with either of these offences or another offence relating to insurance then have the SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets Professionals review your ticket and we’ll take the time to answer any questions that you may have.

Careless Driving

Being charged with Careless Driving is one of the more common offences that police officers in southern Ontario lay. This is because of the broad and loosely-based definition that it entails. Similar to speeding tickets, the fine set out on the ticket is not necessarily the only penalaty that you may receive with a Careless Driving charge. A conviction will definitely raise your insurance rates to possibly thousands more per year.

Red Light Fail To Stop

Never pay a red light ticket and make sure you’re certain what the exact penalties against you are. Red light infringements will not only have a penalty of a fine amount but can also cause you to lose 3 demerit points. This will result in higher insurance rates. SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets has extensive experience fighting red light tickets.

Other Offences
If you don’t see your charge(s) listed above then feel free to Contact Us directly with your traffic tickets information. We’ll review the charges information, penalties and explain the process and/or proceedings of what to expect.

If you’re looking for a paralegal in southern Ontario then the SW Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets Team is here to help you. We understand that receiving a ticket and court proceedings can be anxious and sometimes frustrating experience. We’re on your side. Let our professional team assist in making the right choices by fighting for your rights – REQUEST A QUOTE or Contact Legal Services York Region Traffic Tickets today and find out how we can solve all your traffic ticket needs.

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